Battery Chargers For Mocad - 12v Fully Automatic MCU Pulse Control

Battery Chargers For Mocad - 12v Fully Automatic MCU Pulse Control
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12 Volt - 4 amp Battery Chargers for Mocad Golf Trolleys.
This fully automatic 4 amp charger can be safely left connected to your battery,
ensuring your battery is fully charged and ready for your next round of golf.
This charger is designed and configured to charge standard Lead / Acid AGM
GEL & VRLA batteries in the 7ah to 80ah range.
This charger uses an MCU Control with recovery function. The pulse / desulphating 
phase will help to maintain and recover your discharged battery.

The whole process is indicated by an LED display - further technical information is given below:

Supplied with Torberry / Anderson connector.

Key Features & Technical Data :

  • 12v Pulse Charger with Intelligent Microprocessor Technology
  • Input voltage 100-240Vac 50-60Hz
  • Bulk charge current 3.3 amps
  • Battery capacity 7-80Ah
  • Suitable for Sealed Lead Acid or GEL Batteries
  • Built-in Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Size 120mm x 67mm x 41mm
  • Weight 270g
  • AC Power lead included
  • CE Certified
  • One Year Guarantee
For further advise or information please call 01892 668818
Lead-acid batteries work by releasing energy through an interaction that occurs between the positive and negative lead plates and the lead sulfates in the electrolyte.
Sulfation buildup occurs as lead sulfates form on the battery plates during the normal charge/discharge cycles. During this process, some of the sulfates enlarge to the point where they won't accept energy so they stay on the plate. Over time, these sulfates can build up until they reduce efficiency and the battery dies.
Pulse Technology works to prevent sulfation buildup by removing the sulfate deposits from the plates through a unique Ion Transfer process. The lead sulfates then return to the battery acid as active electrolyte. When connected on a regular basis, our battery chargers will also keep the sulfates from building up again.
Clean plates help the battery to perform at peak efficiency and battery life extends dramatically. Charge acceptance is greater so the battery recharges faster and with better quality. That means the battery charges to full capacity so more energy is available to your golf trolley. 


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